GFA is dedicated to helping rescues and sanctuaries save the lives of abandoned, abused and neglected animals.

Our Mission

GFA is dedicated to helping rescues and sanctuaries save the lives of abused, neglected and homeless animals. Last year GFA helped our affiliates save over 34,000 death row shelter animals to date!
GFA helps to support over 17 NO KILL Affiliate rescues who work closely with local shelters to save as many death row animals as possible. Without these dedicated rescues, thousands of animals right here in Michigan will never have a chance to survive. Not just dogs and cats but also rabbits, exotic birds, reptiles and "pocket" pets will have the same grim outcome. Some shelters have very short "hold" times.  This could mean that your lost pet may have just a few days to live if not saved by a rescue.

SIX to EIGHT MILLION animals enter U.S. Shelters each year.   2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized.  ONE INNOCENT ANIMAL DIES EVERY 11 seconds! Many were beloved pets. Some never knew love at all. Some are very sick and certainly do not deserve to suffer. Without the help of NO KILL rescues, there is no tomorrow.

It is through your kindness that we may continue our mission to save the innocent who with no voice.  Your donations are urgently needed. Please join our mission to save these innocent animals and help reach our goal of no animal left behind.  No donation is too small. ALL are life saving.

Guardians For Animals is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization.

GFA: Dedicated To Saving Animals Great and Small

Imagine a homeless animal frightened and alone on death row in a shelter. Although he cannot read a calendar or tell time on a clock, he knows his fate. He hears the sad cries of many abandoned animals just like him. He cowers in the back of his cage, awaiting his tragic fate as he dreams of being in the arms of a human to love him.
You can save him and give him a chance for a bright tomorrow.

GFA supports NO KILL rescues to save doomed animals in shelters.
Please help us to save abused, neglected and abandoned animals. We are their voice.

14th Annual GFA Pet Expo & Adoption Event ~ October 19 and 20, 2019

Adopt a Dog, Cat, Kitten or Bird at this event and receive $100 off your adoption fee complements of Great Clips*

   Saturday, October 19 from 10am - 5pm
   Sunday, October 20 from 11am - 4pm
Location:  876 Horace Brown Drive, Madison Heights, MI (Indoor Event) 
Event Website: 🔒
Sponsor/vendor form, click here

* One Great Clips offer per family

Microchip Pre-Registration
WHY MICROCHIP? Collars and tags are NOT enough. Emergencies such as flood, fire, theft, car accidents happen every day and without warning. Too many lost or displaced pets end up in shelters on death row facing euthanasia. PROTECT YOUR PET. Make sure your beloved pet is not one of them. Get them home safely. For only $10 (no annual fees) your dog or cat can be microchipped between 10AM-5PM on October 19th or between 10AM-4PM October 20th.

You can reserve your chip(s) today by purchasing them online. PLEASE NOTE: Your chip will be inserted on site by a veterinarian or senior vet tech during the event ONLY. If you do not claim your chip(s) there are NO refunds. Your chip(s) will be donated to rescue animals awaiting adoption. They will be protected because of you! You can also sponsor a pet by purchasing an extra chip for an animal in need.
Please bring a copy of your receipt when you visit the event.

Micro-chipping will be available at the event. However, availability is limited and is made available on a first-come, first-served basis. It is strongly recommended to pre-register.

Please Note: Deadline to prepay for Microchips is Friday, October 18, 2019 at 9PM.

Unseen They Suffer. Unheard They Cry. In Agony They Linger.
In Loneliness They Die.

So many homeless animals are surrendered to shelters everyday.  Most have no hope of being adopted for they are the cast offs, the unwanted, the lame, the disfigured. Angel was one of innocent and unfortunate ones to be on death row in a shelter. She would die without knowing hope or love if it wasn't for a Guardian Angel coming to her rescue.

This is Angel's story:
Angel was born with 6 ears, partially blind and had many severe medical issues. Her spirit was infectious.  Her will to live, strong.  She loved to play and gave great joy to all who met her. With the help of  GFA and Affiliate, A Hopeful Heart she found hope, love and the medical care she deserved. Sadly Angel passed away at only 10 weeks. Her time here on earth was too brief but her story will not be forgotten. Every animal deserves a chance to experience hope and love. You can give them this gift.  

Last year GFA helped our 20 affiliate rescues to save over 3,000 death row shelter animals. These innocent, abused and neglected animals received love and the medical attention they so deserve and a chance to find their loving forever homes. In honor of Angel and others like her, we invite you to become an Angel Guardian to the many animals who need your help in order to survive. 

Please help GFA and our affiliate rescues to continue to be the safe place for all the homeless animals in need. We can be their voice and we can show them what true love is. On behalf of all the homeless pets please make a donation today.

On behalf of GFA and all the furry and feathered homeless animals, our deepest gratitude to Jamie Glaser for his contribution of "Whose Hands Are These". Visit Jamie at